Most buyers of harsh haired dog breeds are unfortunately not or not enough informed about the quality and the cicle of harsh hairs. A lot of them think therefore that it is agonizing to strip out the hairs of the dogs. Often scissors or cutters are used. But with that the exciting quality of the coat is destroyed and new harsh hairs cannot be built.


The harsh hair reaches a limited length and dies after that. The root of the hair forms back. Latest when the dog starts to loose its hair he must be stripped. That means that the died hairs are removed by hand. The skin gets air and the new hairs has space to grow. Well done stripping is not painful for the dog. He likes it to loose the biting, dead hairs.


Often the dog to be groomed has not enough patience and discipline to hold still during the grooming. That's why a puppy should already learn how it is to be combed and brushed several times a week.


In its homeland the terrier stripes thru hedges and bushes. There he looses the dead hair and the cout gets air to breath. That is the natural way of stripping and it supports the change of the coat.


When a terrier is shorn the hair is only shortened. The dead hairs remain and no harsh hairs can grow. The coat becomes irregular and smooth what complicates combing and brushing. Dirt and dust remain easier in smooth coat. Harsh coat builds a natural dirt shield. The dog gets not so quick wet and dirty.


Already before the puppy is given to the new owner experienced breeders strip out the puppies hair. In his first months of his life he should be regularly overstrippen. It makes it easier and the grooming meetings end quicker.


Get in contact with me - let explain the necessary grooming for your terrier. I like to advise you.


I am able to groom your Cairn, Westie, Scottish, Norfolk, Norwich or Border Terrier. Other breeds on request.


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