The Cairn Terrier

Purchase and Keeping

With Courtesy of Cairn Züchter des Klub für Terrier e.V.


Because of the double hair structure (smooth, covering ground hair and rougher, longer top coat) the Cairn can be named as weather resistent and easy to groom: regular brushing and combing and plucking out of the died cover hair twice in the year are sufficient to groom him the right way.. The breeder is helping out of course.


Thank god the Cairn Terrier is still a healthy and robust breed. Despite this advantages there is also his nice behaviour which makes him a nice family member which shares your way over ten years.


Before the purchase all aspects of the dog keeping, further costs, necessary time requirements and what has to happen when holidays are planned have to be discussed and comitted in the family. The visit of different breeders and the appraisal of how the dogs are living, the puppies are raised and the behaviour of the adult dogs used for breeding should be common.


Then even the cairn is a robust dog, he will get mental damage when he is kept in kennels only, without human contact and he will not show the behaviour which make him so admirable to his friends.


Any breeder with responsibility will demand for a visit of the potential buyer of a puppy. It's his opportunity to get in touch with the future owner of his puppy bred with a lot of  love and passion. In the tenth week of life, when the puppy is dewormed, vaccinated against different deseases, chipped and accompanied with a European Pet Document and comes to its new home, most of the questions are cleared out. But also after the sell a good breeder will never lose his responsibility and will substitute the owner at its best.