The Cairn Terrier


With courtesy of Cairn Züchter des Klub für Terrier e.V.


With Courtesy of Cairn Züchter des Klub für Terrier e.V.


Cairn Terrier are opportunists and have a tendency to be independence. On the other side they are loyal and devoted. Like most of the terrier breeds a cairn needs consquent education, brought affectionately to the dog.


Today it is still possible to use him as originally used to hunt. Other then other terriers he is not a fighter due to his use in the mob even when he understands to defend when he is attacked. Studdogs are sometime a little bit to big for one's boots and they overestimate their power. This could be unpleasant when the counterpart is a little bit bigger. That's why allready the puppy should be in contact with other dogs from both genders.


Despite of his hunting passion the Cairn accepts other fellow lodgers like cats and rabbits as members of the mob.That doesn't mean that he wouldn't follow with eager members of the same species in the wild.


Cairns are not barkers but they signal any suspicious circumstance with loud bark. Despite his terrier temparament which you can see while playing or walking he would never be hectic or nervous.


He friendliness to kids is a saying. Nothing enjoys him more then scramping around but he can also be a smooth cuddler.


Usually Cairns love water and the small scottish diggers like it to help their twolegged mob members gardening with pep.