The Cairn Terrier


With Courtesy of Cairn Züchter des Klub für Terrier e.V.


The claim of the 1911 built standard were (and still are today) concerning the most important features on what the Cairn Terrier should discern from his cousins clear and unique:

- on behalf of his lighter weight and slimmer body he should be different to the
  more compact built Westies
- his strong skull should not have the long nose of the Scottie
- he should be shortlegged but not deep on the floor like the Scottie


So should the ideal Cairn in contrary to the other scottish terriers look as follows:
A ragged but not neglected looking dog with opulently, harsh, middle long coat, with a cuneiform head and dark,friendly and bold looking eyes, with small, spiky, velvety haired ears, strong teeth, black nose, middle long neck, sturdy back Tim und Janaof middle lenght, middle long, not cutted tail and straight legs.


He should move free on the lead, as the whole world would belong to him.


Today the standard names as ideal size 11 to 12 1/4 inches (28 to 31 cm) and a weight of about 16 1/2 lbs (7.5 kg). Even when sturdy studdogs could weight up to 20 lbs (9 kg) the Cairn belongs to the small dog breeds and could be held in a flat as well as in a house with backyard or upcountry. He should be enough walked.