Trumpington's History

I was already as a small girl animal addicted. My special preferences was dogs and horses. When I was "grown up" I realized both hobbies. On begin I had only big dogs. The biggest breed was a great dune. As second dog together with the great dune a small breed was predicted. I would like to have a small, robust and easy-care dog which would fit with my family with three small children.


So I found a shortlegged Terrier. My choice was the Norfolk Terrier, a light-footed and gentle breed. A nice breed. 1991 I registered my kennel "Trumpington's" with FCI and started breeding. Soon I enjoyed to exhibit my dogs and I discovered the Cairn Terrier. I fell quickly with these happy, clever and cool kobolds.


I bought my first Cairn Terrier in Switzerland. Due to my frequent visits of foreign exhibitions i discovered another type of Cairn - the swedish type. After several visits in Sweden and by german breeders, which had the line who fits, I imported a few dogs. Today I try to breed my elegant, smoother Cairn whith a healthy self-confidence and robust health which stays on higher legs.



I want to use this opportunity to warmly thank to all the breeders who supported me. Also  warmly thanks to the breeders who sold great dogs to me. They supported me in realizing the breeding I do today.


Thats how I discovered my love for the Cairn Terrier. I hope that there will be many other happy "Trumpington's" Cairn who finds his new and happy master.


Today I live in my own house with a big garden in Ramsen (Schaffhausen) in a really rural environment. Everything fits for the Cairns and is well set up. My dogs live as family dogs in the house and the puppies grow well integrated in the family. They are already well socialized when they move to their new owners.


Due to my great circle of friends I have dogs who belong to me and who I can use for breeding but live as family dogs in my friends households. Many thanks for your loyality for our Cairns.


Again thousend thanks to all my friends for your trust and loyality. Without you I where not there where I am today. Thank you.


"The apple does not fall far from the trunk"

My middle daughter Ninja is already longer intensively involved in my breeding. In particular she visits exhibitions with great success. Since January 2015 we hold a kennel community together. So my succession is granted.